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Male model wearing Ahlem sunglasses
With each design named after a Parisian street or landmark, this line put Paris-born, LA-based creator Ahlem Manai-Platt on the map as a designer to watch. We love this woman-owned line for its fresh use of texture, juxtaposing rough finishes against smooth to create color on color dimension and structural silhouettes.
Male model wearing Anne Et Valentin sunglasses
Unabashedly unique. We love how each Anne et Valentin design marches to the beat of its own drum. Stand out in color and construction like no other.
Male and female models wearing Balenciaga sunglasses
Balenciaga doesn't care what you think. Eyewear that has a futuristic appeal and eclipses the classics. Without hesitation, this line’s jutting shapes and emblazoned logos can’t help but get allll the attention. 
Male and female models wearing Balmain eyeglasses
Welcome to the new opulence. We love Balmain’s dedication to bold high fashion. We love the confident designs which inspire a call to fierceness. No other eyewear can transform your entire look like a pair of Balmains.
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Male model wearing Blake Kuwahara eyeglasses
It’s not an optical illusion; it’s Blake Kuwahara. With experimental silhouettes that float boldly within fresh outer shapes, his designs evoke the surreal, walking the line between classical construction and the impossible.
Female model wearing Bottega Veneta sunglasses
This go-to designer line known for luxe buttery leather goods continues that same chic appeal in it’s collection of eyewear.  We love the way Bottega Veneta frames interpret their leather hallmark Intrecciato weave onto the temple design seamlessly with touches of gold.
Female model wearing Cartier sunglasses
No one does luxury quite like Cartier. Versatile elegance? It may seem impossible to achieve - but nothing comes more natural to each Cartier design. Using luxe materials to create high fashion looks you’ll want to wear…everywhere.
Male model wearing Diffuser eyewear chain
Meticulously handmade in Japan, Diffuser has a rustic quality and attention to detail that we adore. From chains in hand-dyed gradients to cases rich in earthy tones, you will fall in love with what Diffuser can do for your eyewear collection.
Female model wearing French Kiwis reading glasses
French Kiwis make it clear that readers shouldn’t scrimp on style.  This line not only eases our tired eyes with top notch magnifying lenses, but their amazing shapes and color combos set the bar high. We love how French Kiwis challenges the notions of how we look at readers by simply looking fabulous. 
Female model wearing Garrett Leight eyeglasses
Garrett Leight is a line with a legacy. This son of the founder of Oliver Peoples has paved his own path in eyewear. We love Garrett’s ability to reimagine iconic styles that made history, and reinvigorate newer generations creating a history of his own. 
Female model wearing Gucci sunglasses
Luxury Italian fashion house Gucci doesn’t tip-toe around trends; it creates them. With alluring shapes and unapologetic statement pieces, this line is sure to turn heads. Welcome to The House of Gucci.
Female model wearing Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses
Owning a Jacques Marie Mage frame is like owning a piece of fine art. We love their small-batch mentality and jewel box-like presentation. With a numbered certificate of authenticity and a story to tell, it’s hard to not become a collector.   
Male model wearing Kirk & Kirk eyeglasses
In glossy candy colors, it’s easy to feast your eyes on Kirk & Kirk eyewear. The full acrylic construction of Kirk & Kirk frames allow even oversized styles to feel feather-weight. We love how this line’s pairing of fun shapes and delicious colors can’t help but to brighten up your look, and your day. 
Two female models wearing Lapima sunglasses
Born out of Brazil, Lapima eyewear has voluminous styles overflowing with flair. We love their full bodied shapes, curvaceous bevels, and deep hues. This line traverses form and function in a sculptural way without ever forgetting its promise to engineering.
Male model wearing Lunor eyeglasses
Lunor is truly the hidden gem in eyewear. Which is why we’re honored to be the only online retailer in the world where you can get it. There are so many reasons to love this collection; just ask their huge celebrity following. We challenge you to not get hooked. P.S. Did you know Steve Jobs’ iconic round rimless frames were Lunor? We did. 
Female model wearing Matsuda eyeglasses
It’s all about the details, and Matsuda knows it. Engraved titaniums, sleek side shields, intricate designs. We love Matsuda for combining technology with old-world artisanship to create modern day masterpieces.
Male model wearing Maybach eyeglasses
Revered as one of the most luxurious brands in the world, Maybach’s ability to flex it’s iconic reputation over to the world of eyewear is undeniable. If you want to up your eyewear game to the next level, you need an exquisite pair of Maybach in your life.
Male model wearing Morgenthal Frederics sunglasses
One of the true OGs in eyewear, Morgenthal Frederics’ history is as indisputable as is their craftsmanship. We love this creator of the iconic Lifesaver design for always being steadfast, stylish and steeped in design.   
Female model wearing Mykita eyeglasses
Simply smart.  It’s why we love Mykita—and why you will too. Easy-to-wear feather-weight shapes, that never scrimp on style.  Unforgettable innovation so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Did we mention the hinges don’t need screws? 
Female model wearing Oscar de la Renta sunglasses
You don’t have to be great at math to know that Oscar de la Renta + Morgenthal Frederics = killer eyewear. We love this collab for it’s wispy color palette and twirling bridges.  This duet of design combines mixed materials and airy gradients that simply dance.  Truly a match made in heaven.
Female model wearing Robert Marc NYC sunglasses
Big Apple born and raised, we adore how Robert Marc NYC stays true to its roots. This line’s chic jewel tones are the new black, and their twists on tortoise redefine neutrals. With a subtle  signature hinge on every frame, you can spot Robert Marc NYC even through the bustle.  
Female model wearing Velvet Canyon sunglasses
We love this line’s nod to Mod. Eco-friendly Velvet Canyon sunglasses exude cool easy vibes without even trying. Vintage inspired, and still unmistakably fresh, Velvet Canyon frames give you shade in all the right ways.
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